Finally i have the pleasure of introducing some good news – does this mean no more melancholy???


So in a distant time…  Okay so not so long ago I got in the habit of providing critical feedback to companies.  I would buy a product – usually associated with helping my photography or learning, then use this for some time.  After using this form of empirical research I would think

“what has the product done for me and was the investment worth it”.

After this I would note down or store this in my fragmented mind and then email the relevant company, with suggestions for improvements and providing a valid reason and scenario.  Quite often they are simply ignored, which is fair comment considering all companies are busy and have departments that handle research and development.


However one company stands out – Stencil, not only did they reply, they listened! They actually put something in place thanks to my communication. I am not entirely sure how truthful they were and just satisfied my ego?  But what I will say it was really nice, they personally emailed me and showed me a Beta and asked for my thoughts (positive).


So what is the product, to be honest it is largely irrelevant (this will be featured on my photography blog), i wanted to write my faith has been restored and it was just so refreshing to hear a development company listen to USERS!!!

Thank you Stencil for listening.